I am going to die soon.

Well i got back from a big bike ride. I didn't even care I was riding a bike instead of driving a car in front of all the traffic I passed by. I was out of breath but didn't feel any pain. I am relaxed now it feels like I don't even care about what might happpen to me. My mom kept talking about cloning hearts and stuff within a few years. Anyway I got relaxed and now I am getting energized more by gettting out. So I guess I would just say I hope no one is depressed anymore. I just had to get the first post out of my system.
That's cool to hear, and I'm happy for you.

Your Mom does bring up an excellent point that I totally forgot about, meanin there is hope :)

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Actually, iirc, there have been several sucessfull baboon heart transplants where the receiver has had little to no problems out of the ordinary.
I was driving my car and came to the intersection of a State Route....so I went. I swear, I didnt see the other car coming the other way. He was on his cell phone so he totally didnt see me. Fortunately I ran into him...his drivers side...he skidded about 30 feet and stopped...I was in the middle of the road...his car was just dented, the front of my old toyota was totaled. Had I left the stop sign a split second earlier, he would have ripped my car in half, there would have been no chance for me to survive...they judged that he was going about 90. It was the only time in my life I vomited and pissed my pants in the same day.