I am not a newbie... ;)

Halp! Me mad... me bad... me soooo sad... :|

ok ok, enuf with the stupid talk...

I've burned tons of bin/cues and isos/mp3s, but whenever i try burning iso/mp3s with fireburner and Nero these days, I keep getting a "Power Calibration" error that says it's full... what does that mean?? How can i fix this?

HELP! :|
that means either:

- your blanks are shit, and the calibration area is bad/fucked/unreadable.

- your burner is about to die.
Here's the error message from Fireburner...

Recording Device is SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-212B

Unable to send OPC information - Continuing at current setting


Thread1: Executing

Thread1: Setting Write Parameters

Thread1: Reading Disc Info

Thread1: Start LBA is -12510

Thread1: Processing Lead-in

Thread2: Executing

Thread2: Synchronizing Cache

Thread1: Thread 2 has terminated

PS: My cue sheet is ok...I've used it gazillions of times

PPS: When I try loading my cue sheet into CDRWin, it doesn't let me burn it. Something about DAO....

HELP! :(
wtff are you talking about Akaron?? "Your burner is going to die"

BTW, if anyone's going to bash my cdrs, bash away...They're Memorex 80minute CDRs... BOYCOTT! :)

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power calibration errors CAN mean that the laser is unable to focus or is too weak.. which is a sign of it dying.