I hate sony just as much as the next...

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I bought a ps2 before i realized how sucky it was. I buy every new system that comes out, my friends all hate me for it and i'm damn proud anyway. But, no one here can tell me they don't love dance dance revolution. Ah yes, hours in the arcades with people watching you show off your mad dancing skillz to the whole world. I won 10 dollars doing that once
... too young my ass. anyway, ddr6 just came out for ps2 and i NEED it. I got 1-5 and am getting konamix soon, but i need 6. Does any one know if there is a ps2 region... cd thing. Like the cdx for dreamcast. I am just not sure because it is not a top loader... but they make gameshark for it so... anyway, anyone know of terrotory changer cd that IS NOT A CHIP OR SOMETHING INTERNAL? Thanks, please, i know that sony sucks major balls on a stick, but ddr is one of the best rythem games i've ever played, even better than parappa tha' rappa'. Thanks for your help.
How expensive are they? I wouldn't mess with my ps2, i would get some one else to do it, so price is my only real concern.
wait, there is no simple modification i can do to the conosole to allow this, like you can with the genesis? I know this is much more a complicated system, but still... is there a way to do a mod like this with out having to fork out 150 dollars?
yeah, but you still need to pay for the gameshark swap disc, and if the game is on DVD, you are fucked unless you want to play without movies and music.

the PS2 has a pretty tight country protection, a simple system mod is completely impossible.
Originally posted by ExCyber@May 12 2002,12:33

This thread reminds me of this for some reason.

man that guy sucks. that article about "the luke side of the force" was so stupid that he made himself look like a retard. please do not post anthing else about that dumb ass.
If you don't like it, nobody's forcing you to read it. It's not my job to make sure that anything I share with others appeals to everyone.
Aside from the fact that they kicked Sega's arse sales-wise (mostly Sega's fault), why does everyone hate Sony so much?

I like my PS2, I like my stereo, I like my Minidisc.

I like Sony
Aside from the fact that they kicked Sega's arse sales-wise (mostly Sega's fault), why does everyone hate Sony so much?

As far as I know, there are several reasons that various people may have, with varying levels of validity and relevance. Some examples:

- The original PSX model had a fairly high failure rate after a few years of operation. To my knowledge, Sony never even acknowledged the problem, and didn't do anything to help the early adopters who dropped $300 on an unproven player in the video game market only to have their CD readers go flaky.

- Sony is perceived by many people as an "outsider" with no industry history "invading" the game market, and using preexisting commercial influence to beat its competitors (some people say the same thing about MS and Xbox).

- Sony is a big company, and big companies tend to be scapegoats for various social and economic evils.

- The hype for PS2 was way, way overblown, especially for stuff like The Bouncer, Tekken Tag Tournament, and Ridge Racer 5, all of which were blasted by reviewers as being unfinished and/or uninspiring once they actually came out.

I'm not saying that all of these are entirely true, but truth doesn't always play a big part when it comes to hatred.
Hey, All companies make good things and bad things, Sega made the megadrive, sony made my 20 year old tuner amp which still sounds sweet after all thing time, and even microsoft made dos 6.22
ExCyber, I know you didn't put your opinion in your post but you can play devils advocate

1. I don't think we Sega fans can call anybody for companies not supporting their console, tech-wise or not.

2. Sega are just as much a faceless money-making corporation as Sony at the heart of it, anyways Sony have a VERY long history in entertainment, if not games directly.

3. Yeah, PS2 games were overhyped but whether it makes much difference is another matter. In the end, bad overhyped games give the makers and the console a bad rep, something which should be pleasing to Sony-haters.

Most failed consoles done by industry 'outsiders' in the past aren't hated by anyone, it just seems all Sony did wrong was to do well. I don't want to marry the company or anything, just seems to me all this negativity could be given to someone more deserving or no-one at all.
Excyber you might want to add to your earlier comments that the 1st generation PS2 had a high failure rate after the first 6 months and it took a class action law suite to get them to ackowledge and finally fix the problems.

By the by, we are dealing with game consoles here, not stereo equiptment. Just because they make a nice radio does not mean they make good gaming consoles. I was willing to give them a fair chance at the beggining, but both their consoles have had serious problems for the scratch gamers have had to shell out to aquire them.

I do own a PS1, it's in my collection and , by the way, the only console I let little kids bang the hell out of when they come over. After all, who cares if it breaks! I can pick up another for chump change now.
Originally posted by falstaff@May 14 2002,01:08

By the by, we are dealing with game consoles here, not stereo equiptment. Just because they make a nice radio does not mean they make good gaming consoles.

I never said that, all I said was Sony have a history of good technology in the entertainment sector in regard to the argument of them having no 'history'. I just don't see where all this slagging is going to get you, that's all. I can't imagine Sony cares less. I like my Sony consoles and you're entitled not to like yours. It jsut seems a little irrational to me but each to their own I guess. Companies bring out products which can kill people through design flaws (cars, planes etc), so it seems a bit pointless to hate Sony because your console broke.
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