I made it! Burn & swap radiant silvergun!


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I made it! Burn & swap radiant silvergun!

I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but i would like to thank (a lot) all the guys at sega extreme and on the forums.

With your help i can finally play at the mythic Radiant Silvergun just after 5 cd's burned out

I made the right cd using Nero, the cue generated by sega cue maker and the iso patched with the country changer.

I can't make it with ezcdpro and cdrwin.

So, after 2 hour of dj, i made the right swap and Radiant Silvergun lodaded

After a lot of playng i tried to make my own rip, using Shining Wisdom Usa, i never played it 'cause my st-key doesn't work anymore.

I made the image with nero, converted to iso+wav with cdmage, cue with scm, patched for europe and reburned with nero.

It works??? i don't know 'cause i can't make the swap again, perhaps because it's 3am...

Thanks to you all