IceDigger's Classic Game of the Month - Sol Feace (1991) - September, 2020

Sol-Feace (1991)

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Sol-Feace (1991) - September, 2020

It's that time again!

solfeace1.jpg solfeace3.png solfeace2.jpg

Long Game Play - Sega CD


X6800 Version - If you are lucky enough to own one!

Back when games were hard and you died with just one hit. This little known shoot em up was an amazing testament to this age.

If you owned a SegaCD way back when this came bundled with it along with some other great games, except sherlock holmes because that game sucked balls.

On my list of top shooters ever made. Fast and furious action all the way through.

The music really helped out in this gem. Rockin tunes by the amazing Motoi Sakurabe! I used to play this soundtrack in the car all the time since it was just regular redbook audio which would play in any regular cd player.

Yes, you can even repel space debris with your guns...

Go grab your favorite emulator or even better buy the game if you can find it, its pretty cheap now.

Be prepared for a challenge! Enjoy!
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no idea if it counts, i've played the megadrive version called "Sol Deace" , it's basically the same game with stripped out animations and maybe music.
it's worth to play it, there is not so many choice on sega cd. another vertical shmup thame into my mind was bari arm.
back to Sol Feace, some stuff remind a bit Thunder Force 3 and mybe R-Type. we have a fast lava level and a huge green spaceship.

nice montlhy choice :rock: