If you recieved 5 million dollars what would u do?


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I would buy a 02 dodge viper then sand it down and repaint it electric blue. Buy a small house in the middle of nowhere with at least 20 acres. Build my own race track!

What would you do?

Oh yea, I would own every singe Saturn and DC game EVAR made!
I would retire, give to charity, buy a house, furnish the house, buy an upgraded home theatre, buy some games, sleep in, and then do whatever I felt like.
pay off my school loans go for another 3 master degrees mabey go for a phd instead since money shouldnt be a big deal in the future and i woulnt worry about finding a job (hard to find job with phd out side a university)

buy a house with at least 5 acres backyard

take a vacation

invest a bunch of it

get back to work
Buy an enormous house with my girlfriend and a bright red Ferrari. I would then 'waist' the rest of my life sleeping, eating and playing video games on a hugh TV
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Two chicks at the same time

hehe, you need 5 million dollars for that???[/b][/quote]

maybe HE does --- hehehe
First, i'd do the material essentials; a nice house in malibu, a fridge full of good food, a 1979 Mercades 450 SL convertable coupe, A new computer, a Baby Grand Piano.

Make my own little shop. Buy me some shop machines, including a drill press a miter saw, and table saw. Buy every episode and plan of The New Yankee Workshop. First thing i'd build is the Barrister's Bookcase.

Whatever is left, i'll give to my siblings and mom.
First get my ass through school and get a master's degree related to Network Security Engineering. Buy a 360 Modena F1 Ferrari. (red of course and a convertible) Get a nice house in Colorado and take a vacation. Learn how to ski and surf. Have a race track built on my property and host a Ferrari Club. Take my wife overseas to Japan, Europe, and Australia. Give the rest to support the homeless in the US and fight the IT depression which has been a problem since 9/11. Also fight cyberterrorism and the like. I could go on and on.
5 million is way too much! I'd get a house and furnish it and get a car each for my fiancée and I (mine would be a 94/5 Toyota Celica GT4 in red).

I'd make sure that my family and real friends were ok for the rest of their lives... That would probably leave me with 4+ million change lol

I could help the homeless people in my city then, I don't give to charities cos they're just businesses at the end of the day and I know where the money goes... I'd give the help straight to the people who need it.

Then I'd arrange a massive party for all the SX peeps on some exotic island, beer and Sega aplenty for all!

Nearly forgot - I'd take an extended holiday in Tokyo.

/me wakes up.
I'd get an ear surgery and a whole network of high-end PCs inside a custom-built multimedia studio. The rest, I'd decide with my wife what to do with.
5 mil isn't THAT much guys.....you couldn't just give it all out to friends and family. you gotta think, rappers home and other celebs, their houses are worth more 5mil.....best bet would be to but what u need (education, nice house w/ a few acres, good reliabe car then maybe a classic to cruise in) then either invest or put it in a CD or sumthin just to try to gain money as u go along.
First I'd convert it into pounds whilst the exchange rate is good

Then, buy a white Dodge Challenger (always wanted one since I saw Vanishing Point, even though I can't be bothered to learn to drive) and have a race with Ice on his track.

Pay off debts, buy a house for me and a couple of friends.. Pay off my family's debts.. And found a game company
I would definatley be up for that race track with ICE and you guys... I'd pay off all my damn debts to my dad... And Buy a huge ass projector to play games on a nice big house... And me and my girlfriend.. which will be my wife when I get out of high school... we will be living great and we won't work or anything just have fun all day. I would have to get that new Enzo Red Ferrari Maximum speed 217,5 mph *

0-62 mph 3,65 s

0-400 m 11 s

0-1,000 m 19,6 s

And an AE86 Toyota stick and deck it out just like in Initial D and learn how to drift like a mofoO and race IcE and other challengers!
I'd ditch my POS PC, and buy EVERY Mac currently available (G4 Desktop as my main comp, Titanium for the car, new iMac for my room, an iBook for the bathroom, eMac for the living room, the older iMac for some other room in the house, and a 20GB iPod! And lastly, get an XServe server to connect them all together into a home network) All money left over would go into video games (particularly Saturn)

And get a Honda Accord Coupe.
First and foremost, I'd pay off my family's debts so everyone can retire relax, financially. Then I'd invest some of it on college and a nice house. That's about it. I don't care about material possessions much, just financial security..which five million dollars is more than adequate for.

But since five million is all about splurging, I guess it wouldn't hurt to explore the idea more
. I'd probably indulge in a really expensive guitar, a good computer with T3 internet, a personal chef, my own restaurant somewhere in L.A., and..gee that's it. Everything else on my family.