im having the worst time installing my cd burner

so i take out my old cd drive, and put in the new one. then windows is all "oh no, you changed your hardware. sorry, cant help ya". so i figure i'll just reinstall windows with the new drive in. but i have to have a cd drive to put the cd in! so i uninstall all ide components, now i have no cd drive at all. any help?
do you have a burner in as well? Sometimes windows will read one or the other but not both for some reason.
Could you possibly provide more info? What exactly is the error Windows gave you? What version of Windows are you using? Is your HD and CDR on the same IDE bus? Did you set the jumpers properly? Is your CDR detected during POST/startup?

As far as reinstalling Windows (which is pretty drastic just to get a drive to work), as long as you have your jumpers set properly, and the proper BIOS settings (usually the boot drive selection is in the 'Advanced' section), you should be able to boot off the Windows CD and into setup.
the burner is all poop gravy now. its a defect. i got it for xmas and burned 1 music cd then it stopped working. i figured i'd give it another go today, but no luck. now i must settle for buying a new one.
long ago...
Make the burner the master secondary ide drive, and put the cdrom as slave (if you havent already done that).