IMMERCENARY Arrived today!

Are you Ready Number 5?! If you are, then Go to my web page Located HERE and click on the Updates button ....Read the Update and Download Immercenary. I'll see you...., on the Battlefield!
I have to say I hate it
I loved this game. It was one of my 3DO favs of all times. I've replayed it about three times. Always play to the very end and kick "Perfect One's" arse. It was one of the few games I can actually finish; but I wouldn't say it's easy.. just kept well stocked up on "metaballs".

BTW; did you know that if you save the game right at the very end; before you fight the big boss "Perfect One".. everytime you reload and start it.. Perfect One will alternate between a man, a woman; and uhh.. something else?
Perfect one takes whatever form it wants to at the end of the game, Man, Woman, or Perfect Robot.
either way 2 or 3 nukya's and its all over for him, once I found Nukya all of the enemies were simple. Its too bad that this game is so graphically intense it reboots my Sanyo 3DO every now and then or just freezes up.
It was hard for me to play it to the very end on my Sanyo, but fun none the less.