I was just wondering what is embedded in the IP.BIN files on saturn discs. So far I just hexed through it and it seems to me like the beginning of the file has the country code and other info, but the rest is a mess... Is the boot screen with the sega logo and the produced by or under license bla bla in here? In that case, can you change this screen to a custom boot screen? Tell me someone! What's really in here?

PS. I'm a real newbie!!! DS.
the boot screen you see when you boot the saturn up is on the onboard BIOS. You could possibly hack some of the games bootup screens (made by konami, etc) but I'm not sure if those images would be there or not.
Not quite true. The license screen is stored in the ip. But the bios checks to make sure it's there and in an unmodified state or the game won't boot.

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I found the boot screen in the beginning of the disc, but as you said, the sega won't boot it if it's modified... =/ I wanna change it! It would be cool!
Hey, doesn't the DC Do the same thing? How the heck did those programmers get around the check in that case? can't you do the same for the SS?
Yeah... I've seen at least two Dreamcast games (Ikaruga being one of them actually) that have extra stuff inserted into the Sega license screen that appears upon starting the game. Maybe you can't *replace* the screen but you can *add* graphics. Question is how...
Then add black over the whole screen, then add your own clean image to it
Dreamcast's boot screen are split on 3 parts. The upper layer, the center layer (with the licensed by SEGA and etc) and the lower layer.

Those pirate groups just change the lower layer, it's easy, there are some apps to do that already. The center layer can't be changed or the game dont boot. I don't know about the upper layer.