I managed to get Assault Suits Leynos from jurai (cheers for the sweet ftp once again) the other day and there are 2 iso files but they seem to be identical... Do i have to burn them both using the methods described in this thread or is one of them corrupt and i have to use the correct one? :S

One has this after the title "<---"

Thanks in advance.
Yeah that's what i was thinking.....

Silly me - i somehow managed to post this in the wrong thread, i meant to post in the other pinned thread about burning games with 2 iso/data tracks. It was about 5am and i'd just finished work so forgive me
Well, fireburner may help. go to file/load tracks and select all of them, maybe rename the iso file 000 so its the first track and burn.... worked for me...
Games that come with an ISO and CUE (games that were downloaded from SuperNova) file don't need to have the MP3 or WAV files altered, rite? I ask because I just finished burning my first disc , but Giri Giri wont load it. It does register on the "Show Info" tool, though.
You can burn ISO/MP3 in Nero without converting to WAV first. As long as the cue sheet specifies MP3 instead of wavs
Why do ppl make iso+mp3 image anyway, its so much simpler to use bin+cue or bin/cue + wav, u just click burn and VOILA! done