ive been having the same problem as neo on shining force cd

It freezes on the second book! i have tried 4 different isos, i do have the mp3 and they are named properly. I dont know if everyone whos given me advice just didnt play the game fully but it definately freezes, HELP!

(btw im playing it on gens 1.70)
yes it is, it's right at the beginning, before any battles. After Warderer sacrifices the kind and sends Gordon off, it freezes as Gordon is leaving the screen.
ok this is how i have mine working i have a .raw and mp3s

rename the .raw to sfcd.RAW

then rename the .mp3s as follows:


sfcd03.mp3 keep going with the same patter till you get to


note how the first mp3 is called sfcd02.mp3 that's how you should start your mp3s also.

If you have an different file besides the .RAW just title it the same way as i did sfcd

I played till battle 20 in the second book then i accidentally deleted gens and all of it's files.

If you continue to have problems i don't know what to tell you maybe try downloading the game off another site.