Jap X-Boxes and modchips.....

Pearl Jammzz

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I am seriously thinking of gettin that special edition Panzer x-box. I need to know a few things first.....

1. Does the xbox have plug-in mods that require no soldering?

2. Do these work on Jap XBoxes?

3. Which one is the best? I want to be able to play backups and all-region DVDs.

4. Where can I get these modchips for the cheapest price?

5. Does the word crazy mean anything to you?

Thanks all, appreciate it. Peace....
You should research things like this...

A good website for these questions would be



www.xboxhacker.net (which is down at the moment)

1. Yes it's name is the matrix (aka exodus) just got mine a week ago, works great.

2. Dunno

3. there is only one "no solder" mod, it's the matrix all others require you to solder a chip in.

As for DVDs you can download DVD region x, which allows you to watch all region DVDs and you can watch them without the specail xbox DVD remote.

4. www.easybuy2000.com is the only reseller of the Matrix mod, they are (or were) heavily backordered it took 3+ weeks to get mine after i ordered it.

5. I don't understand your joke, crazy means nothing to me
hehe, thanks. What I meant is that I am crazy for payin all this $$ to get an XBox just cuz it looks cool. But anyone know if that Matrix chip will work with the Jap Box?

ewww eww ewww! unomas, I have 1 more question. Can you buy those white Box controllers? That would be sweet ass....
there is no japanese xbox.

the mainboard, bios and HD contents are identical for all of them. a small setting in the serial eeprom decides if a machine acts as pal or ntsc (us and jp aren't distinguished either).

there are no colored xbox controllers.

as for "plugin mods", you still have to open the xbox obviously, so you loose the warranty no matter what.

also, a homebrewn mod is pretty easy to install (9 big spots to solder + 1 bridge), and much cheaper.

here's the ones I am making nowadays:

Well for someone with skills maybe those 9 points are "large" but for someone that has no skill and a shakey hand those tip-of-a-ballpoint-pen spots would be a bitch to solder anything too.

Sexy mod-chip Arakon
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