Just curious....anyone intrested

just curious if anyone wanted me to put some amiga cd 32 games on my web page for download now that Ive got alot of them.....hmmm, does anyone have any games in mind that you are looking for? I was thinking of releaseing some of these titles.....but not sure of what people actually like, this system has some strange titles....IF anyone wants some of these games, let me klnow somehow, and tell me what titles you are actually intrested in, and why.... yes I want to know why you want the title before I put it up....I want to know peoples likes and dislikes about the games on this system....and why you like or dislike the game.....this will really help me determine if its worth the trouble of releaseing the games....and which titles would be good to release....your input IS needed here.....if people dont speak up and tell me what they think nothing will ever get done....so tell me!!
I don't have a CD32 yet, but when I do I'd definately like to share some games. I am particularly looking for Pirates Gold!, which I believe to still be the best pirate game out even though it's 9+ years old. And Defender of the Crown, which was quite fun on my Commodore back in the day.
Yeah Ive got Pirates Gold! and Defender of the Crown 2.....allthough I havent yet burned them to a cdr ... So I havent played them yet to see if they are any fun.
But Ill get to it.
Is the CD-32 Worth the money FAKK2? I wouldnt mind trying to find one to play around with. Wouldnt mind checking out irates gold for the system.
I dont really play it much....so in my opinion, its only good for collectors sake, but as for playing for fun....hehehe I would look elsewhere as the only really good games on this system are PAL only and flip out of control on ntsc tv sets.
There are a few games that are neat but its hard to play then as the heath bars and stuff are underneath the tvs screen so you dont see it....and all of the games are a tad off centered...so if you just gotta have one for the sake of saying you have one, get one.....if you want to buy it for alot of fun games....it aint happining....just my opinion.....sega genesis was way better in most cases...