Just got a CD32 with LOADS OF CRAP!!

I just got my CD32, with a SX1 module, and the guy that sold it to me also included an original amiga keyboard, a logitech mouse, a competition pro mini joystick (by far the coolest i have ever seen!) and a load of original cds. All these for a fantastic 30 Euro!

Now, the real surprise came when i powered it up. I sweared to myself that i heard an HDD powering up. And when i dissasembled the unit i found out that he included a hard disk too, internally!!

So now i got a hell of a lot questions to people that know how to use all these stuff. What can i use the floppy for and how? The hard disk? i tried searching the net but most sites are either down or they dont have the kind of information i want.

If anyone knows anything about these tell me.

Congrats, you own a piece of computing history, take good care of it

Anyway, the combination of a CD32 and SX-1 in fact gives you a fully equipped Amiga 1200. What can you use the floppy and HD for? Why, the same things a PC user would: have your OS, apps and data sit on the HD - and play old Amiga games from floppies (if they cannot run from the HD).

Some websites of choice:

http://wuarchive.wustl.edu/~aminet/ -- the largest Amiga software/media archive worldwide

http://www.amiga.com -- company homepage

http://www.amiga.org -- huge site covering just about everything Amiga, you should find links for beginners there as well

http://www.cucug.org/amiga.html -- Retired, but still has many great links to other sites (be sure to scroll down).

Thanks taelon!

I knew that i hold a piece of computing history of course, its that i mistook the sx 1 as an "upgrade" kit only, just like extra ram and extra 3d and stuff. I didnt knew it had all these things integrated. The only thing missing to complete my collection is an fmv cartridge. Which i believe is really hard to find.

I am gonna search for os disks now..

You can actually download ROM and OS files for AmigaOS 3.1 - you can also buy AmigaOS 3.9 which is a software-only upgrade (it runs on the 3.1 ROM, a newer ROM wasn't made) - and if you really would rather obtain all the files 100% legally, look into Cloanto's Amiga Forever package - which is really a complete emulation package for PCs including tools to connect PCs and Amigas together etc... but includes all versions of the OS as well.