Lan Kwei?


I have recently (a month ago) bought some stuff from lan-kwei ( To my dismay, the pacakge hasnt arrived after a month. It was meant to be sent by registered air.

I am understandably, worried about this and to make matters worse, i do not get repsonses to my emails. Should i be worried?
when you ordered the product, were they quick to respond? Did you pay with money order? If so check with your bank to if it has been cashed yet. If so, your SOL
I bought a couple of mod boards from here some time ago and while they took a little longer than expected to arrive (reg. airmail, approx two weeks) I had no trouble to speak of. I paid via PayPal.
I payed via western union, and unfortuneatly it has been cashed. Does anybody have any ideas on what i could do?
BERTY keep after them, I recently bought from and its been a month now, and nothing. I called and got five different stories from five different people. the bottom line.. keep calling them, if you can get ahold of a live person. or email them. I am sure your stuff is on its way or there is a logical explaination for this.


I ordered my package (airmail) a month ago and my money has disappeared. I have sent 3 wonderful e-mails to them, but maybe they haven't had the time to respond because these guys are so busy buying their Christmas underwear with the $160 they stole from my Paypal account...

Oh, I was joking. I LOVE Lan-Kwei
. And I also love email bombing. Hope they love it too if they don't reply soon
Lik-sang has recently (a month or two agos) has gotten into trouble with the law. The delay is due to this. Check out the whole story at their site.

Wow! This is funny! After having sent A LOT of e-mails to different Lan-Kwei e-mail adresses, I thought that they might be having some problems with their mail servers, so I also sent this invented order with the name of the blonde girl that speaks to you in Burning Rangers:

FirstName: Chris

LastName: Parton


Address1: 1228 Avenue of the Americas, 4th floor, New York, NY 10020-1586 USA

Shipping Method: Airmail

Payment Method: Paypal

Comments: GC 1x X-Mas Offer #2: Panasonic Q Spoiled Brat Set

And yes, you're right, they replied to the false order, NOT to my two gazillion e-mails!!!!!:

"Hello Chris,

the total for your desired items including airmail shipping (7 - 14 days) to the

USA is US$ 649.70"

MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA they think I'm going to spend 650 bucks to see how my package is lost in space and they don't even tell me "sorry, we have received your order and your money but there will be a little delay" or "hey, we're not going to send you anything because you live soooo far and your stuff would have to travel by camel".

It's a shame I didn't learn to perform some Fatalities from MK...
My last e-mail to Lan-Kwei:

(...) if I don't get a reply soon, I WILL initiate a

PayPal's Buyer Complaint Process since you haven't delivered my goods as promised.

Aaaaaaand here's their incredibly quick -and short- reply:

Regular e-mails still do not work properly yet, which explains the non-replies. Sorry if this leaves a bad impression.

It's a good excuse! So they didn't sell anything for a month because they couldn't receive any e-mails! Nice! A bad impression? Nah...

BTW, thanx for the info. What-about-my-f***-stuff?

your tacking# is RR 628 121 *** HK

That's not what I wanted to know! When the package is out of Hong-Kong, the number changes and there's no way to know where it is!

But... well, at least they answered *something* and the goods have been sent. I don't mind waiting another month!
About 6 months ago, I ordered a replacement lens assembly for my old PSX and another one for my DC from lan-kwei as they were the only place where I could find them in stock. I also ordered a couple of cheap DC hookup cables and had everything shipped via EMS. I received the package a week later and everything worked fine. I actually liked their service as they always answered my emails pretty quickly...

I haven't ordered anything from them since then though...
The latest Sega World Weekly has a big section about how you shouldn't buy from Lan-Kwei. Trust me from my experience, Lik Sang are not to be trusted either.
Hey guys,

after initiating this post about 2 months ago, i have finally got my package from them. I had threatened to report them to paypal, as well as the international fair trading thingy and the ACCC, and whola, about a week later i got my stuff

never am i going through that again.

BTW, does anybody know how the tracking service works? I have tried to track my order using the links that Lan-Kwei provides, but it doesn't seem to work with Airmail orders. Why are you given a number if you can't track it? Why did I buy from Lan-Kwei...?

...because I hadn't read the Sega World Weekly, haha
this sounds like my experience with linuxshells,net

i gave them my info, got a confirmation email from them, sent the reply requested


then the next day 2 more copies of the same mail id received

still nothing

so i send another reply to the sales account

still nada

after a month of doing this, i went to the contact us page

wrote out another email, attached every one previous to it to the mail, and asked them for an explanation as to why i received no response

to my complete surpurise 2 days later still no reply (and id set read recepits on to check they got it, none of them back either)

i then send them an email telling them to cancel anything they were going to try and bill me for, with a summary of my thoughts on them.

i got a response then offering me 2 free months service, but didnt take them up on it since i dont think i want to give money to a company that has such crappy service