Last Questions on Modding a Saturn


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Hey guys,

My friend is going to mod my saturn tomorrow night. I just want to make sure I have the instructions right. It's a 64 pin circuit\21 pin ribbon cable, and I'm using a jandaman mod.

1) Solder points A+B on the mod chip, my friend has the pictures.

2) Plug ribbon cable into mod, plug mod FACING OUT into saturn.

3) Test which port on the power supply is 5V.

4) Solder *red? wire to that port.

Also any special types of solder required?

Thanks again guys.
This looks a lot like my topic, lol. If you read my topic you know that I really have no clue what I'm talking about, but I believe you need a 21 pin cd ribbon cable and the 20 pin won't work...

I'm really glad i got the 21 pin in any case.
That all sounds good slinga...


AFAIK only one person has had any luck with one of Jandaman's mods and a 64 pin Saturn, and that seems intermittant. You may be lucky and you may not too.

I really must get one of these mods soon...
Yeah, that would be me. I had the jandaman mod working in my 64 pin Saturn, but if you read through my thread here, it was quite intermittent. I seriously thought the mod might be at fault but then I got a 32 pin IC Saturn and it has been working FLAWLESSLY for the past 5 days.

64 pin IC Saturns just dont want to be modded. Maybe you will have better luck though.
I modded my 64 pin one but found some pecularities.

The mod had to be faced outwards and had to be seated quite firmly. On one side of the mod is some bracket/plate that can block the modchip from being firmly seated. Also the ribbon cable was twisted so that had to be installed correctly.

I did get the AB bridge method working and just had to solder to the +5 power supply.
The fact that the mod has to face outward isn't out of the ordinary for 64 pin Saturns. AFAIK all 64 pin Saturns have the ribbon cable slot on the mainboard 'reversed'.