Looking at getting an xbox


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I'm definetly going to want to mod it. Rumor on the net is that the xecutor 2 is a good chip to use, and it looks fairly easy to install. However, I dunno about all this bios flashing things. If someone who knows what the hell is with all this and thinks they can give me a decent explanation I'd really appreciate it... either in here... or in a PM or on aim. Thanks.

edit: From the sounds of it, the matrix chip might also be a good choice if you want to do the hdd mod? In any case, any and all info would be appreciated.
I can't help you too much, but I can give you a word of warning.

If you have Xbox Live, and they detect you have a modchip, they'll terminate your account and keep your $$$. If you get a mod, and you plan on using Xbox live, get one with a switch that let's you turn it on and off.
I have me an x2.2 pro...real nice cept I can't egt the damn pogo pin thing to work and I dont know how to solder so I am kinda screwed. check out #xbins on efnet...they have sum a help channel and shiz so they can answer all yer Q's. With the X2.2 pro it comes w/ external switches and u can have up to 4 dif BIOS on it. It has on/off switches as well.
Do you have to flash a bios onto it or something also? Cause it sounds like you do on some of them, and there are several different bios's it sounds like, is there a really big difference between them? I borrowed a friends xbox last night and rented kotor ^_^ :D and now I'm gonna buy one today lol.
managed to find the answer to most of my questions, as well as some instructions I think. Anyone have a place they'd call reliable to order an xecutor 2.2 from ^_^?
the dashboard exploit is crap and has too many risks. matrix is way outdated.

and a modded xbox gets banned off live, NOT the account.. you can use your account without losing a cent on another xbox anytime.
Well I got it all installed this morning between my 2 jobs. I haven't ahd time to put it back togethor and make sure it works and all. The infamous d0 point was intimidating, but it ended up not being quite as difficult as I thought it would be. All in all it took maybe 20 minutes to get all the wires soldered in.
Well, during dissassembly, the cat decided to jump onto my desk, even though I throw it off forcefully every time he does it, and he managed to shove a paw right into the xbox. Needless to say, it seems my xbox is now toast. just to make sure it wasn't the mod I removed the whole thing and I still get the same blinking green light like it's trying to turn on, then red/green blinking after it does that 2 or 3 times.

edit: got that problem straightened out, now it seems like my d0 isn't properly connected :(
Get any of the executor 2.x+ lite or pro mods, they are the best, pogopins :wanker, well they suck . You can use XB Live with a mod, you will need a mod with a toggle switch, the xboxdash.xbe will need to be the original one from MS, a bois that looks for xboxdash.xbe for the MS dashboard, evoX.xbe for EVO and/or neXtgen.xbe repsectivly, and most importantly a hard drive that can be locked. If you use the executor 2.x lite you can keep the original MS dashboard and it will boot evoX.xbe first. Using config magic it will take and find the lock/unlock code of your new hardrive and flash the XB's onboard bios to use that key insted of the key for the stock hard drive. So when you want to use XB Live, just turn the mod off and things will boot as normal and MS dosen't check the HD for extra partitions or anything, they just check the Dashboard and bois.
Yeah that's what I gathered. Got it all working now. Turned out that when you place the modchip exactly where the pictures say to, it gets squished by the dvd drive lol. Which is what resulted in my weird results (mod chip would work when case was off but not when it was on lol. I'll be getting a crossover cable today to assist in the install of evox... I just need a big hard drive now, but with so many upcoming job expenses we'll see if I can afford one lol.