Lunar manual?

Hope this doesn't count as begging but ...

Do scanned manuals of Lunar & Lunar 2 exist? I thought I read somewhere they did.


Or download it from NSerafini's ftp.

Sega CD/Lunar_TSS_(J)/Lunar_TSS_(J)_scans.rar

If I have time I'll scan the english manuals from Lunar 1 & 2 maybe the hintbooks too.
Gracias. If I can't get into NSerafini's anytime soon, I'll come a callin', Mysticales.

PS. Shinji, US scans would be SWEET. Dumb question but ... are the (J) scans in Japanese? I'm guessing they wouldn't be there if they were, as they'd serve no real purpose.

Anyway, thanks again. I was certain I'd read they were out there.

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Someone requested the japanese version of the game, so I uploaded it with the jap. manual (for all collectors out there).

The US manual will be up in a few days.
Anybody know if Shinji ever got those US Lunar manual scans up? I wasn't able to get into Nserafini's FTP and think it's down now.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I had a hardware crash and couldn't do anything for 5 days. Now everything works again and I can upload it.

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Just a quick question for you manual buffs, I have an original manual for Lunar 2 and it's missing 2 pages in the centre due to a misprint. They're present but totally blank. Is that just my copy or did all of them end up that way? :)

Just wondering...
There shouldn't be any blank pages.

center pages:

page 20 - end of explanation for the normal menu

page 21 - start of explanation for Ruby's menu