Lupin The Third

i cant belive that lupin the thrid hasnt been mentioned. IMO the best series there is and ever will be. lupin is the driving influence between cowboy bebop and many other shows. a series spanning 20 movies and 228 episodes, whith a new movie every year, its a prefect balance of action and comedy, with imensly interesting characters. And did you know that the fist Lupin series was the first thing that Myiazaki directed? yeah, its as good as you would expect from the man, and more. Id recomend getting the HK box set of the first series off ebay, its 23 episodes, whith decent subtitles, and a hell of a bargin for around $35.
youre right lupin the third is a fantastic anime series, has one of the best anime themes ( ja! two mix and fanstastic plastic machine, two j-pop groups has their own version of the theme)

by the way sega saturn ddr, do still have your excellent FTP, beacause my hard drive get fixed and i lost everything including your ftp adress (sniff)
cause im not an uptight asshole, and il be buying the dvds later too. and airing shows on tv = more populrity = more cool merchendise = more episodes out on dvd
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cause im not an uptight asshole, and il be buying the dvds later too. and airing shows on tv = more populrity = more cool merchendise = more episodes out on dvd

No your obviously some non-hardcore fan who pays to listen to english dub shitty voices... You can argue all you want.. and say your a big fan... You are nothing. Anime is ment for Japan... and not english language. Merchandise? Anything commercialized from here (US) is garbage targeted to 6-9+ year olds. And popularity... Hah, you want anime in english to be popular so you can hear millions of little kids whining about the next toys they want from their favorite show or hear arguments of how people dont know a thing about an anime and think they know it all... Or watch people draw a million characters while sitting in math class... yea real cool man. Uptight asshole... yea.
yeah, its not like i bought the subbed HK box set of the first season, or have most of the movies on subbed vcd, or watch my dvds in subbed mode. except i do. i just hate you fucking assholes who get hyper uptight about dubs you havent even heard.
suppies SSDDR u commin back to sega-japan psx-saturn-duo-anime-dc or whatever?

ps i do really like lupin

not to take sides or anything

Jaded God i feel you, i hate all anime fanboys especially "otaku". Hate anime comming to america, almost to the point where i hate fansubs because i hate irc anime fr33ks, hate little fat kids at my school (thank god i'm almost out) ruining the japanese experience for me, i hate 90% of all anime now in general all of its cranked out like all new music. i hate america for taking even the shit pop anime from japan. anime should stay in japan for the japanese speaking people. be hardcore, spend assloads of money importing it, f*ck american people in japan selling it back to america, japan should reorganize another state of isolation like they did a few hundred years ago. japan WAS a unique interest and hobby 10 yrs ago, now 1/30 kids is some social misfit that thinks they are the "no.1 anime fan" its disgusting. would any of them die for japan? probably not (i would being a japanazi
) i just might take offense to the word "anime" cuz thats an americandefied word too..
Oh my god... and I thought my brother and his girlfriend were bad.

Goddamn, I hate these types. I agree with you SSDDR, I hate these uptight bastards you just bash it only because it's dubbed.

I consider myself a big Sailor Moon fan (got all the comics, dubbed episodes, all fandubbed tapes, and all the movies subbed/dubbed). Oh wait, I guess that makes me nothing due to it all being dubbed. Same with Gundam.

What do you guys think of fandubs?
Fandubs are THE shit! I'll take fandubs over official dubs (compare the Official Sailor Moon S Dub, to the S Fandub). The official dub's good, but it's no fandub
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all dubs =

You know, the original Japanese language could be considered the Japanese "Dub".[/b][/quote]

umm this makes no sense since Dub = To put in or to change... You wouldn't have to voice over japanese dialogue when it was originated and made in japan
only to convert to another language for example. English... Hey SegaSaturnDDR combination name man... f-u-c-k y-o-u.