Mech games


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Has anyone wondered if they're being watched by global corporations when they're playing mech games. According to just about all neo-futuristic stuff, corporations and countries will wage war in giant robots in years to come so how do they get the best pilots for them? They see who's the best on the games and cryogenically freeze them for when they're needed! It all makes sense! One day I'll wake up in the McBattlebot on a mission to eradicate the Nikedroid threat and have no clue of how I got there..

Has anyone ever wondered?

No.. me neither
....and I'll kill you both with my Xiado
McDonalds won't have reckoned on my being a vegetarian though, and I'll dramatically self destruct inside their hq for all the cows through all the years!
I don't see why you're so alarmed. Really, I'm looking forward to fighting Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada. I'll be a Gunstar Hero. Or something.
But that guy weighs a tonne! He sure is an ugly mother too, I'm out of this fight.. AVENGE.... ME...
Unfortunately for the pilot of the X-Bot, the controls have an awful layout and blind the pilot with a massive superfluous X-Blob...
But what if this is the legendary Xbot pilot Bill Gates, who's brain, contained in a glass cylinder, is wired directly to the machines body parts? He was once a man, now only a tool for ultimate destruction!
Hehe. I sense bitterness in the air somehow (and rightly so). It sickens me that the Billbrain will be able to play Sega remakes exclusively in his Xbot. Hasn't he got enough already?!??