Megadrive on TV-tuner card


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I hooked my PAL Megadrive 1 up to my Pinnacly PCTV rave TV-card using the RF-cable... did a channel search and all I got was black and white with horrible static! So I tried finetuning, but the signal only gets worse. That's odd, as my TV has no problems at all with displaying the MD video signal in full color. Anyone have a solution?


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I have this sort of probs too...

I think these tv tuners require MUCH more signal than regular tvs... ie. I've hooked up the exact same cable (coaxial) to a tv tuner card and it doesn't even "detected" all the channels, these ones were considered "noise", however, on a regular tv, the image quality was near perfect...

A workaround is to use composite connectors... or even better S-Video... Those tv tuner cards should have this kind of inputs...


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i have a similar problem with my Haupauge WinTV PCI card. when i connect my dreamcast using the simple RF-unit i can't get a nice enough picture to play without an headache. also the screen distorts as much as it almost dissapears when large parts of the image get too light.