Memory cards


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I just bought on ebay (among other things, bad habit) an 800 block memory card for the DC.

It's kind of interesting - it's not actually one big 800 block, it's 4 200block cards. There are 4 leds inside that indicate which 200 block I'm using, and there's a button on the top of the card that lets me switch between slots on the fly. Even cooler is the leds lighting up when the memory is being accessed (like an HD light on your PC case).

Anyways, the question was: are all 800 block cards like this?

It has it's pluses and negatives, of course, but for organization I'm loving it (rpgs on one, sports on another, driving on the third, action and etc. on the fourth).

Just curious, in my long winded need sleep badly way.
<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr bgcolor="#333333"><td><font color="#FFFFFF">Quote (<font color="#FFFFFF">MTXBlau</font> @ April 26 2002, 2:02 AM)</font></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#666666"><td><font color="#EEEEEE" size=2>Anyways, the question was: <font color=yellow>are all 800 block cards like this?</font></font></td></tr></table>

I have the 4X Nexus memory card and a clear <font color=#FF4000">red-orange</font> 4X-plus-rumble-pack-in-one memory card with the labels DC HYPER>PAK nYko on it. Just like yours, both cards have four 200 block slots as well. The Nexus card has one <font color=#00FF00">green</font> LED while the other one has four <font color=red>red</font> LEDs, one for each of the four 200 block slots, located below both the rumble-pack/memory-card toggle switch and the button for switching from one slot to the next slot on the fly. The Nexus card has the slot switch as well.

BTW, do we have the same type/brand of memory card?
considering the DC was only ever meant to work with original 200 block cards, the only real way to make "bigger" ones is by switching between banks of 200. it's been the same for PSX memcards for ages already. the DC prolly simply can't access anything beyond the 200 blocks/128 kb. so yes, it's perfectly normal and nothing unusual in any way.
Nexus? Nyko? I wish I could afford something nice like that.

No, it's a 'Game Depot' accessory for the Dreamcast. So far, there's no complaints - I really like it, except the for the stupid looking 'GD' logo they have on the top.

I picked it up off of ebay (as you know) with shipping around $11. I thought it was alright, considering all the gamestops I went to, I couldn't find anything bigger than the usual 200 block card. At, it's $16 (I checked there first) w/o shipping I believe. Or I could've simply gotten directions from Ice and pick it up on my own.

There's one that I miss though - the weight of the controller w/ two memory cards (vmu/card). This thing is light, and the controller feels odd w/o the extra weight.
cool thing about gamecube is that the memory cards can come in any size, with any amout of blocks, and show up as one memory card, but you can only have 127 saves on the card total.