Message borad talk about ftp of "dreamcast"?



Sorry to my cross-post!!!

PLease help !!

Could anyone tell me where can find the message borad talk about ftp of "Dreamcast".
Yeah, before you get
or something.
can't you ban akuma

i think he'll get banned since he posted in 2 spots knowingly and he's discussing something that is clearly against the rules. but what do i know.
ITS PRETTY FUNNY . I think allot your favorite things here is to sit around and watch people get banned . Heck im starting to get into it . Lucky i havent been banned . I dont ask for ftps iso's or roms but have had my post deleted once or twice .
DAMN IT! I was hoping for it =PPP

Hes lucky he didnt post in ftp forum they are BRUTAL in there, Have to bring my whip in there. "smack!"
it's funny how i haven't gone into the ftp forum in months till yesterday(or the day befor i forget) and that's how i noticed that he posted in the ftp forum.