My first XP ::Needs help::

Ok for those interested in knowing a first persons reaction to XP...

ARGSGFHK GRUNCGH ::Throws Machine at wall::

Man im sooooooooo pissed today with this thing. Trying to figure out WHAT works! Like geez! First I learned that Force Aspi works better then the 4.07 Aspi layer. Next this unit has a DVD and CDRW rom installed however put a cd in the burner nothing works...XP hangs up...odd its a fuitsu siemans. Anyways what else.....OH yes....trying to RPC set this to region free....SURE! Yea right, The tool I found NEEDS true DOS! Like ARGH! What else....oh yes I need to know if I can fucking change this out of German mode and make it fully in english..... Um...hmm ::Tries to to get pissed at world:: What else would be good to do on XP? Need to re study my tools and so on. Dont know WHAT of mine works with XP! Hmm Need a DVD player like power dvd but I think I can handle that one.....Um Anyways. I need some help, info, tips, HOW TO KILL Maybe install 98 without reformatting. How to get dos? How to crack my dvd firmware. But anyways thanks to all who wish to help me for once. Later all. Ill try not to bite anyones head off today...

XP will forever haunt your system and spread its filth.

format C or deltree c:windows from a bootdisc, then install win2k.
Next this unit has a DVD and CDRW rom installed however put a cd in the burner nothing works...XP hangs up

Did you install the "Update for CD Burners" from Windows Update? They don't say this, but I'm told that installing it causes problems if you're not running into the specific problem that it fixes. Also blah blah firmware blah blah.

OH yes....trying to RPC set this to region free....SURE! Yea right, The tool I found NEEDS true DOS! Like ARGH!

Any chance that a boot disk would work?

What else would be good to do on XP?

Turn off that Playskool interface and use the 9x/NT4/2K one? :biggrin:
Look everyone...this is a OEM cpu....not much I can do here......everything came with it, now the burner is TOTALLY dead. I think they killed the motb in shipping really.....anyways yea I know how to tweak it up some. The boot disk I will try. Um I WISH I had W2k! Someone want to um......let me barrow it via ftp? I need a FULL version install....Then Id use it on my laptop with multi boot. I just need to barrow it. I swear Ill return your copy!
yeah... Doesn't seem like you to mention this sort of thing mysticales... ;)

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What are you guys talking about?

In germany its PERFECTLY legal to hit a "block buster" and "backup" their games or just doing same with 2k.....testing it out....see if I like it....and besides you all think im innocent? If I was I doubt it be the one informing you on all the worm updates.....If ANYONE REALLY has a issue about me asking this one little thing, let me know by all means.
I don't think XP's that bad. *ducks*

Seriously, I had/have no problem with anything after I rectified the problem of no ASPI layer. (I just installed the NT ASPI layer. Works like a charm.)
Well OEM cpus dont have that issue..

Yea Rata...funny eh? Officail aspi drivers suck yet force aspi works like a charm

Aspi XP 4.07

Force Aspi 4.06
trust me myst.. i fuckin hated XP when i first tried it..

but YOU WILL get used to it, and youll grow to love it.

as long as you tweak it out, and remove shit.

sure theres those little annoying quirks that everyone hates but you'll realize it wont matter a bit and you'll learn to ignore it..

aspi layer 4.06 or whatever is perfectly fine, resort to that. Goto the MS update site, and update your OS, and dont forget to install the update for support for more drives.

im a strong supporter of XP. #### my Win98se tweaked out like a mutherfucker couldnt last 4-5 weeks 24/7 like this XP install i got going, without crashing 50-100 times..

make sure next time, if you havent already done it, install the OS on NTFS.
Well I went to a ftp block buster got 2000...I hope this compaq isnt like the customers I helped before....compaq drivers were ONLY for 98 and really.....I hope it works..
Just decided to post up a goof CD-RW/DVD firmware site that anyone should use if they want to unlock the region code of their DVD drives and so on.

it hasn't been updated for a while though. But MYstical, you should try using a DOS bootup disk or even a Windows 98/95 boot disk to update and crack your firmware.

And considering that your PC is an OEM...I think its possible that a chunk of your problems with XP are hard drive related, just a hunch, but you could have one of those crappy Fujitsu hard drives in that machine sense most OEM sellers I've seen use those because they are cheap to buy. And those Hard Drives aren't worth anything at all.

As for everyone completely having difficulties with XP....well....go with what you know works - simple as that. I personally have had no problems with my XP Pro system at all, and I don't think its too bad of an OS. But ####, we're talking computers here, nothing is ever perfect and "plug and play" when it comes to comptuers.

Just my thoughts...
LOL You didnt read above ;) I KNOW about THAT site. hehe my prob was it was PURE dos mode. I did a 98 boot disk, modified it so that the dvd would load ON the disk, then added the tool. Boom cracked the sucker. HOWEVER even tho I can play in all regions...for some reason XP doesnt see this and says cant play region....seems XP has a region lock =/ (I have DVD genie)
oh, sorry about that, thought you said it the otrher way around. As for the XP having a regional lock, it doesn't surprise me at all. But I'm sure there has to be some way to unlock it...maybe a Registry edit or something.

You could try DVD Region Killer:

that may help I hope.

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