My first XP ::Needs help::

Hey thanks! This brings me closer, Reg settings for XP are non exsistant at this time......only older OS. (I should know I did it) anyways this did bring me closer. Thanks =D
Your welcome. But if you want better insight on tweaking and using XP, I know of a good site called XP-Erience. Has useful forums, guides, driver updates, and even tweak programs to get the most out of the OS.

Here's a direct link:

That should be a good resource to help you deal with XP on all levels.

Also, what version of XP are you using? I'm able to use change my reg settings as far as I can see with my system, maybe not with that particular setting as MS blocks out most of the important features of their OS from being tweakable.

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Um version I dont have off hand...on my loving 98 laptop =D My your resourcefull =D

Hunt up something called X-Setup

all you need to kill your cpu with if you dont know what your doing =D
Thanks, your welcome.

As for X-Setup....yep, I have it, as well as Tweak XP, good tweaking apps even though I perfer Tweak XP more. So I assume you found them on that site maybe, within the download section?
That's good! Glad you have some experience with it, seeing as how if used poorly, can kill your pc. That's such a true statement, considering the fact that I've almost killed my PC a few times....more than I care to say actually, but all in good fun! :)
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Just decided to post up a goof CD-RW/DVD firmware site that anyone should use if they want to unlock the region code of their DVD drives and so on.

it hasn't been updated for a while though. But MYstical, you should try using a DOS bootup disk or even a Windows 98/95 boot disk to update and crack your firmware.

And considering that your PC is an OEM...I think its possible that a chunk of your problems with XP are hard drive related, just a hunch, but you could have one of those crappy Fujitsu hard drives in that machine sense most OEM sellers I've seen use those because they are cheap to buy. And those Hard Drives aren't worth anything at all.

As for everyone completely having difficulties with XP....well....go with what you know works - simple as that. I personally have had no problems with my XP Pro system at all, and I don't think its too bad of an OS. But ####, we're talking computers here, nothing is ever perfect and "plug and play" when it comes to comptuers.

Just my thoughts...

it will be a crappy fujitsu drive, since its a fujitsu computer

fujitsu are the worst pcs ive ever seen, they are sold in tesco's (supermarket) here, and everything about them is bad, cheap and very nasty

eg ive seen ones where the cases are so flexiable that the dimms come out of the sockets where the case just twists when its carried (very thin metal consturuction on the base, mainly plastic top)

id seriously avoid them, about as desireable as a packard bell system
Whoa dont go that germany its a pretty GOOD system...REALLY! I know my stuff and this is NOT a PB! Maybe over there they suck.....But this one is TOP class....just shipping it here did something to the CD burner....its defective now... Anyways GATEWAY...that was GOOD system REALLY! However after 2-3 years they crashed! (The laptops) Like RIGHT AFTER FUCKING WARRENTY!
actually, the first and last fujitsu PC I had had a defective HD after 2 months, the MB died after 5, and customers support sucked ass. a 10 GB fujitsu HD I bough died on me after 6.
beleive me, fujitsu's are cheap for a very good reason

they are cheaply and poorly built

this applies to everything ive come across of theirs, hard drives, systems, printers everything

i also know where i used to work 50% of the bad hard drives were fujitsu's (some doa, some failed after a while, others in machines that had been brought in off the street)

their warranty service also sucks badly, you have to return it through the supply chain it was purchased through, every other manufacturer for harddrives ive come across just lets you send it directly back to them

this is a major problem for anyone who purchases a drive from somewhere that goes out of business, since they are then stuck without a warranty as well, since noone will deal with it

which is definitely bad news knowing how reliable their stuff isn't
Well we will see...I know the burner we got with it sucks so maybe motb sucks.....anyways I dont have to worry as im getting a Sony Vaio FX 505 laptop in the next days! =DDDD