My new toy(s)

My bro gave me this set to me last night for hooking up his sound system in his car.. Once he finds his 32x games, and a couple more segacd games, they goto me.
As soon as i find the time, i'll bin and cue the games and put them up on the ftp, AND i'll scan the manuals for you guys to download. And upload them to a couple of FTPs.

you wouldnt happen to have comptons ecyclo in that collection of yours, eh?

im pretty sure thats all i need to complete my collection
actually, i think i can get compton's at a pawn shop in the next town. i'll see if it's there next time i go.

btw, i'd love a bin/cue of demolition man
could you do clone CD image instead of bin/cue? it would save us so much hassle trying to burn the bastards later
you have trouble burning a bin/cue? i can't imagine what you're doing to make it difficult to click load and burn.

go to and find the guide on restoring from a bin/cue and see if that helps.

bin/cue is pretty much a standard for everything except dreamcast backups. clonecd seems to be used by a smaller base of people, as far as i know.
good point, its iso/mp3 i have trouble with. The problem also with bin/cue is i cant region crack the bastard, i need a multibios (already on arakon's waiting list)
I have pracically the same set up with the accpetion of a model 1 sega cd and 80 sega cd games. Any clue on how to make an adapter to hook the Genny model 1 to the 32x?
changing the region on a bin is the same as changing the region on an iso. track 1 starts at the beginning of the bin, so the section of the track containing country info is in the same place as in an iso. i think the only time the converter has proplems with identifying the region is if the iso or bin is in raw format (mode1 2352), which adds a header to the beginning of the image.

btw, i also have an iso-mp3 restoring guide at the aforementioned web site.
Hey Torx, that's a snazzy set up! I used to have the same one until my model 2 sega cd went dead
, but now I got a model 1 mega cd
, and I'm waiting to add multibios to it (I'm on Arakon's waiting list, like soldermonkey)
i pray this one wont go dead, this is my second.

*R.I.P. my other scd model 2.*

i just ordered a gen v2 to add to the collection..

i'd love to have a model 1 scd

whats this waiting list for multibios? is it for sale on the litespeedputer site?
Hey Torx I hope you have better luck with your model 2 than I did, the model 2 seems to be less sturdy than the model one

The waiting list me and Soldermonkey are refering to is for Arakon's multibios, it lets you play all the sega cd/mega cd games without the need for a converter cart.

You can do a search for multibios in the forum to find out more. He only does them in batches of 3, that's why the waiting list.

I asked to be put on the waiting list for it, before I started posting here.
Hey, I was wondering why your Genesis, Sega CD and 32X are so shiny? Did you polish them? If you did, then with what, I want my Genesis and Sega CD to be really shiny.
hehe, good eye there cavera..

as a matter of fact i just polished up my new(used) genv2 i got with... you guessed it..


And the shine lasts a long time. I just like to keep my shit looking clean and perfect.
I had a guess that it was Armorall, but I wanted to make sure. I think I might polish up my Genesis and Sega CD this weekend. Your setup looks awesome polished.