My Power Button Doesnt Work


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WEll, i dont know what is happening! i cant turn off/on my sega saturn. i have it off with the power cable off but i know that it will F**** up my system! any suggestions?

oh i almost forgot....

where can i find the cheapest comms link card (a company that anyone can trust)


where can i find a cheap modchip (21 pins)


where can i find the action replay Cheap? (the comms link card version)
pretty common problem, happened to me about 1 month after getting mine

easily fixed

hopefully you have an electronic supply surplus store nearby otherwise yer going to radio shack

just get a normal switch, be it toggle, push type, rocker or whatever (i use a toggle switch) remove the broken push switch (just need a pair of scissors and a screwdriver) solder your leads (don't forget the big blue capacitor, which btw. is polar so if you switch the leads the off position won't work) and mount you new switch. in my case i lucked out, the toggle switch i picked up fit perfectly into slot, no glue, tape or other mounting neccesary.

you might be able to enact a temporary fix by pulling off the button overlay (the big blue thing that says power) then use a pair of needle nose pliers to force the button back into off
ehhh.... so confused :/ never done soldering. oh.... this is not saturn related but my playstation doesnt load any CDs, It just doesnt load. the last thing i did with it was change the controller port and put it back in ? i checked all connections, all are pluged. the little switch/button is pushed down. help..... my psx died! waahhhh! Thank you man for your help
find a friend who's good with electronics and have him/her help you, the process of replacing an on/off switch is remarkably easy, but not unless you'vve done it before

as far as the psx?

buy another one :
Just a little note for ya, the dreamcast's switch is interchangeable with the saturn's so if you have a dc you could keep both systems open and just switch up the power cable whenever you want-it would be a pain tho.

you live in australlia right?, not worth the shipping. i think i'll stick to my toggle switch, i like the satisfying click it makes and i think it'll last about 30 times longer than the official saturn switch (which when i took my broken one appart turned out to be the most complex way to turn something off and on that i have ever seen, rollers, tiny spring bits of metal a whole lot of tiny moving parts under alot of stress)
I was actually offering it to nescphp.

I'd be happy to take care of the shipping.
if you can't turn it on how do u know that you can't turn it off? and if you can't turn it off, how do u kno u can turn it on???hmmmmmm