Naughty Saturn Games

I was looking around at Saturn backup sites and there seems to be quite a few naughty adult saturn games. Does anybody have one or some of these? If so any suggestions would be cool I was thinking off getting one called the miniskirt police or something like that it would be halarious to play these at my friends dorm.


Miniskirt Police is just a bunch of very short minigames. The Arkanoid type game is alright. The others aren't as good or they're a bit weird, like the one where you have to get a car to jump by tapping on the buttons real fast. If you win the minigame you're treated to an upskirt video clip. Not that impressive really.

Girls In Motion Puzzle Vol.1 and Girls In Motion Puzzle Vol.2 Body Special 264 might be better to play. Basically a standard puzzle to put together only the video in it moves and on later levels the pieces might be backwards or upsidedown and such and you have to move the piece around to get it to fit right under a time limit. It even has 2-player vs mode.

Though nothing can top Dead or Alive's bounce factor plus variety outfits
Ah yes the bouncing yabbos. The physics are amazing. They look like thay might just fly off but no no they stay attached like little troopers.
the real problem with hentai games on consoles is that they are invariably softcore.

hell just get a copy of zinc and a copy of dancing eyes
Or just dress your girlfriend in a kinky school uniform (don´t bring along the uniform right away but ask first otherwise you´ll risk a kick in your nuts
Boy, then I'm the lucky one. Although I'm not allowed to talk about games when she's present.. otherwise she will talk about her menstrual cycle..... yuck
Not Saturn titles, but they don't get any naughtier than Shinsetsu Shiawase Usagi for the Turbografx-CD. Very hardcore, but odd too.
There actually about 5 or 6 Shinsetsu Shiawase games ont e PC Engine. IT's also got Steam Hearts which is on the Saturn as well as Hi Leg Fantasy, Dragon Knight and a lot of other titles I probably shouldn't mention.
Well there's that Yakyuuken Special, the rock-paper-scissors strip game. It's difficult to actually win a round. Gameshark codes just mess with the FMV. Best to just stick the cd into your comp and watch it using a cinepak player.

There's also Virtua Photostudio where you play a beginning photographer of sorts. You have to get good shots or you won't make the grade, the guy will yell at you and fire you I guess and the model won't like you either. Manage to snag good modeling photos and you can wind up doing photoshoots where the model will remove more.
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Just look for a Japanese PC game site. Unless it's by Falcom or TGL, it's probably hentai. Around 90% of the Japanese PC game market is.

Hell, even Enix made some fucked up hentai games.

Nothing like sawing open 7 year old girls dressed in only a nightie and panties. Do you know why I hate Japan yet?

My my, where did you get that pic from? Did you take that screenshot yourself?

That's Lolita Syndrome, by Enix. Yeah, I took it when I was sifting through NEC PC-8801 games. It was just too fucked up NOT to.
the age of consent's only 14 in japan. i wonder if that pertains to being able to consent to get sliced in half at the saw mill as well?