Need some help with my saturn...

I just bought a new Saturn, the model # is MK-80000. I wanna get a modboard for it, but I can't find the place where I'm supposed to solder the 2 wires. The ribbion is a 21 pin, but it has the buttons of my Model 1 I got back in May of 1995. It also has the Red and Green led's of a Model 1, but on the cover where the power and reset buttons are, it's tinted so you can't see them working. Any help on how to install a modboard would be appreciated.

*Edit* I just recounted the ribbon and it looks like I'm stuck with another 20 pin Saturn
so, the swap's way easier, just go online and get a bunch of 3-5$ games

it'll end up being the same price as a mod board, just signifigantly less convienent