Need value of R63 resistor on a sega saturn..

I removed this resistor because it was blown and in my stupidity I didn't write down its value,and now I can't find where I put it.Anyway its located right under the ac connector on the power supply board and should blue in colour so if someone could work out its value with a multimeter or by using the colour coding,that would be great.

Thanks in advance
Its an australian model 1,21 pin...if you could take a look that would be great.Even though I really need to clean up this hole,can't find a damn thing anymore :)
Really? Its right in front of a greencap and straight in front of the a/c connector.Its written upside down if your looking from the front of the saturn,so that might be confusing you :) fuse is right near as well if that helps at all.

I'm cleaning out my room tommorrow,maybe i'll find it somewhere.
I found it(2 actually),now i've gotta work out which is for the dreamcast controller port and which is for the saturn *scratches head*


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I completely forgot about this. :blush:

Which resistor from the DC controller board are you talking about?
f1,the one that everyone has problems with...

I can check it though,as I have a good working dc....I haven't bothered yet,though as i've had other things going on to sort out.I just did a search and couldn't find any info on the regular style fuse(which blew as well btw) On the pcb it looks like 0.3a but the decimal and 3 are a fair way apart,and that sounds a fair bit too low,its 3a more likely?


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I've heard different things, and I've heard of different DCs using different ones, but that may not be correct. Here's a post from DCemu, he seems to know what he's talking about despite his name:

Originally posted by TheDumbAss


The stock resistor is a 4.7Ohm FUSABLE resistor... Fuseable meaning it is designed to burn out if it gets overloaded.

10Ohm will work 'ok'... but if you get 4 controllers hooked up and have a VMU in each then the power drain may get to be too much... Leading to slow and unresponsive controls and/or other problems especially if you have one or more rumble packs installed as well.

16bit... I dont know if synlor did used a 10Ohm or not... but your probibly thinking about me. I used two 10ohm resistors in parallel to crate a 5ohm load. (as close as I could get to 5ohms locally w/o special ordering) And my dual resistor setup has turned black but does still work. For how much longer is anyones guess...

A good while back someone had posted some infortmation about a resistor that had a built in curcuit breaker... that way it would act like a fuseable resistor and protect your system while not requiring you to solder in a whole new resistor every time it blows.

You could look around on DCE for more stuff on this.
Well I just got myself a new saturn(finally) and It has the same power supply.....I checked the resistor and it reads 272 KOhms(out of circuit).