Nero Burning Question


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There's an underlying motive for this, so bear with me.

If one has nero, how would one go about burning a CD in a) bin+cue format B) iso+mp3 format and c) iso+wav format?

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oh -- I thought that's what you were looking to do

I could write one, but I have too many things on my plate right now :(


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I would've replied sooner if you'd said you wanted a direct answer :D

File, Burn image..., choose the cue sheet.

Also make sure you're using Nero 5.5.10 or higher, that's when real support for non-nrg was added. And don't use Nero 6, it isn't as good as 5.5.10.


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Originally posted by Tagrineth@Nov 13, 2003 @ 03:55 AM

Also make sure you're using Nero 5.5.10 or higher, that's when real support for non-nrg was added. And don't use Nero 6, it isn't as good as 5.5.10.
humm, I also don't use 6, it's too big for a burning app... is there any other reasons on why 6 is not as good as the older versions?


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Alright then, that's a start.

Let me preface this by saying I'm putting the FAQ in the miscellaneous section, and unlike in the past I'm actually revamping it, and have completed that step with all the documents we have. Now it's a matter of updating it. That being said, Nero seems to be a more popular program with the masses, so we need an FAQ for it. If someone actually writes one up in a nice step by step format you get credit for it, of course (but I'm not getting my hopes, most are notoriously lethargic).

ANYWAYS, onto Nero:

Nero 5.5 is recommended over all versions of Nero. The following steps work for both Sega CD and Sega Saturn games. So, to burn a bin+cue, one must simply go to file --> burn image, load the cue sheet, and let 'er rip. Slower the better, as sometimes the systems can't read cds burned at higher speeds.

NOW, sometimes Nero can't handle bin+cue (it will report strange file sizes, i.e. 800MB CDs), in which case Binchunker is needed to break it down to Iso+wav.

To burn Iso+wav, use the Sega Cue Sheet maker, and load up the the tracks, and create the cue sheet, then follow the steps above to burn. Slower speed the better, Disc at Once for Saturn, Track at Once for Sega CD.

ISO + Mp3 is similar to ISO+wav, except that Nero decodes the mp3s on the fly. It's a matter of preference, neither offers anything over the other. In a similar fashion as above, simply place the tracks in the Cue Sheet maker, then once the cue sheet is made, load into Nero, and burn away.

Are there any discrepancies so far in those steps?


Now, can someone explain dual ISO games, and how one burns them, in Nero, if at all possible?


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MTX, all versions of Nero above 5.5.10 have explicit support for cue-sheets and I have yet to have a problem with 5.5.10


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The last time I tried it still couldn't burn dual data-track cuesheets properly (this was three-four months ago using the then-current version). IIRC it put the audio track start and end positions two seconds early no matter what (not even converting the bin/cue to a ready nrg with CDMage helped).