New Satourne 1.02p released.

What'news :

Satourne v1.0.2p :

›› Fixed a bug which could cause strange behaviour with SH2 plugins when swithing between saturn and ST-V mode.

›› ST-V roms are now specified in the "STV_roms.ini" file. You can add roms that I don't own. Please give me some feedback if you test games that I don't have. Read "STV roms ini file.howto.txt" for more informations.

SH2 interpreter plugin version 1.1

›› Modified the way opcodes are fetched. Emulation is now ~20% faster

Enjoy sega saturn fans.
Whats a good app that will let me rip my saturn games straight to an ISO to test in Satourne?

So far I've been making bin/cue's with CDRwin then using binchunker to rip the iso, which is a pain.
This emulator would be 100x better with CD support. Or, at least, 'normal' ISO support. But I'm not complaining or anything. I have not yet figured out how to just rip a cooked ISO without having to convert anything. I use WinISO to convert.
Ohhhhhh, RAW....COOKED. Because when you cook something it's not raw anymore.

I did not even make that connection when I saw that option in CDRWIN. :drool: