newbie needing help!

OK, i ive got a shining wisdom iso with one wav file but i can't get the damn thing to burn!

First i tried EZCD and it burnt the audio properly but burnt the iso as an unpacked iso file.

Then i tried NTI and it did the same thing.

Then i tried unpacking the iso myself and using ezcd but it said that the cd was not writable!

I tried the same method and cd with NTI and all i can get out of the saturn is to play that first track! I can't use cdrwin because the trial expired, i can't convert the iso to raw because i can't find iso2raw on the Goldenhawk website or anywhere else for that matter.

Perhaps it has something to do with the iso? It's only about 90 megs.

Somebody please help!!!
An ISO file is NOT a 'packed' format... It just that some archivers.. (WinRAR for example) can extract files inside an ISO..

An iso is *always* the 'last' format, that is, once you get an .iso, you are ready to burn it...

As Yceman said, put that iso and the Wav file 'alone' in a folder, then get Sega Cue Maker for ISO+Wav put it in that folder, and run it.. It will prompt you for a name, 'sw' for example... then just load up that sw.cue on nero (via File->Burn Image), cdrwin or fireburner... <_<
hey er.... I got a question too! Can the Sega Saturn plays .mp3 or any other sound files eg. .wav??
I hope this is not a stupid question....
MP3s, no. Wave files can be burned as CD Audio and played like that. There are no "media player" applications for the Saturn like there are for the Dreamcast, etc.