Nintendo rip-off?

I just posted this on NXs boards, but here it is again:

Now, don't get me wrong here, I think Nintendo have done GREAT with their price point and everything on the PAL launch, BUT one thing troubles me....

Browsing through the Cubes manual it says that an RGB scart cable is needed for 60Hz gaming...... I thought nothing of this and will pick up an RGB cable with my next paycheck anyways.....

The Super Monkey Ball manual agrees with this statement saying:

"This game can be set to a dearer display and better quality on TVs that support 60Hz mode. When you connect NINTENDO GAMECUBE RGB Cable to a TV which has RGB terminal an PAL60 function, you can enjoy smoother game screen with less flickers." (Spelling mistakes and grammar from the manual, not myself)

All sounds hunky-dory..... BUT I held down the B button while the system started up and I got that 60Hz option on my component cable! Are Nintendo and Sega puropsefully deciving us or is this just some huge mistake?
Maybe there takeing the safe stance on things? Do some pal tv's olny support 60hz through an rgb scart cable, but your's happens to be different?
That depends on the output of the 60Hz.... If it's NTSC (Which the PS2 usues) anything below an RGB SCART lead would make the game be in black and white. If using PAL60, then 60Hz mode works with a bare-bones RF lead
i did see that in the manual as well, and thought what the hell, tried it anyway, and it works fine

im going to pickup the proper rgb cable anyway today, since i cant leave the composite inputs on my tv plugged into anything when im not using that (the picture and sound go darker/quieter when they are in, guess they are used partially as outputs when theres no input on them or something)
chances are some TVs are not capable of displaying the signal properly over AV, so they wrote that to prevent people from complaining. get a RGB cable anyways, the quality is worth it.
Could be right, as I have heard from people that Star Wars runs fine in 60hz over the standard lead too.... could just be Nintedo covering themselves

And yes Arakon, you are right about RGB as I found out with my PS2s RGB lead
So I will pick one up when I have the funds
luigis mansion, monkey ball, sonic adv 2, rogue leader and bloody roar primal fury

all of them work with the composite lead at 60hz, so id imagine arakons reason is the case (old tvs might not display it correctly, so its put on there just in case)

although my tv goes to black and white with the psx at 60hz with the composite lead as well (i have rgb for that now anyway)

does anyone here have the gba>gc link cable?

if so does what does it allow you to do at the minute?
Heres something interesting....

3rd-party RGB SCARTs DON'T output in true RGB and the quality is no better than the bundled adaptor!

This is apparantly cuz nintendo changed the schematicas at the last minute and didn't tell 3rd party people, so Nintendos SCART is the ONLY way to get true RGB SCART!