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I the misc. section it tells you how to burn using NIT cd-maker 3.0, but that is TWO VERSIONS ago!!! WHERE CAN I GET THIS! Google don't have it and the link is just some portugese or russian thing that babel fish won't translate!
ok two things:

1. i download the file from that ftp, i'm running windows xp and it says i can not run nti 3 in windows xp.

2. I saw those four mails... why do i need to have all four parts?
ok nevermind, i opend the one from that ftp but it said apsci drivers somthing something... and it only accpts wave files, but i have mp3 audio... i had to uninstall it.. don't worry it's in my favorites on the ftp but it was messed up... what's up with my drivers...
Ok i downloaded nero and i just want some one to tell me if i'm doing this correctly:

1.compile new cd

2.i click other cd formats

3.i click audio+data mixed

4i push finished.

5.i select the iso image form my documents and drag it over to the top section of the two windows.

6.i drag the mp3's over to the bottom sectoin then burn.

7. then i select image


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i havent used nero for burning saturn/mega cd discs yet, but i know it does work since ive seen other people say so, also the reason on the drivers is that easy cd creator and the like uses its own drivers to access the drive, its more a case of the drivers just having not been installed since they werent needed for the programs you had installed at the factory

and bitch all you like about the speed, if you dont like it make your own server and put up with the leechers, im on the highest speed available here as it is (20k upstream)