Off topic, sony playstation analog (twin) joystick

if you are lucky, it'll work with the 3in1 type PSX pad adapters for DC. if not, you're outta luck. there's no decent way to convert analog controls.
Thanx for the advice Arakon, I'm getting that converter allready. I'm looking into adding rumble motors to it on a few other web sites, but no luck as of yet. ???
I wouldn't do it. Nah.

First, in both VOOM and VOOT, there is NOTHING analog about the controls. The Twinsticks themselves are of the "clickedy" kind, both Saturn and DC variations.

Second, it'd probably be much better to use the standard PSX pad. D-Pad + the "action buttons" instead of two sticks. Personal opinion, but I think it'd control much better than moving the clumsy analog sticks around.

Either way, I think that, for most people, VOOT's fine with the pad. Nearly everyone has underrated the pad setups. If you don't enjoy VOOT enough already, buying (or making) the sticks won't magically make it better...

...Unless you REALLY want to be a good player. Especially for Dordray and Raiden.
I played Virtual On a lot in the arcades,

and found Virtual On on dreamcast

significantly harder to master....

In fact I will try the playstation double analog tonight!

I stopped playing it on the dreamcast,

because basically, it did not feel like the arcade controls...
I think someone mentioned somewhere else that he wanted to hack a MadCatz PSX-controller which was able to map the D-Pad and the buttons to the analogue axis, if you´d include the logic from this controller into the one you´ve got you could play VOOT this way over an adaptor, the standard Dreamconnection3in1 will NOT work since it can´t recognise the joystick properly (heck, most PSX games can´t, it seems it uses a strange controller ID).

btw, I got the same joystick and I´ve got to say that RC Stunt Copter just plain rocks with it, gives you a sense of control I never imagined. I had a pc stick which consisted of a single of these, it was a dream as a flightstick.
It probably wont.. Other peripherls i have tried.. guncon, saturn gun, 3d arcade stuc (NiGHTS Controller) all were not recognized by the 3in 1
Yeah basically it's only works with normal Saturn controllers and the arcade stick.

It's still a handy thing to have around though.