Optical Illusion


Check it for yourself in paintshop... really weird
I haven't tested it yet since I don't have photoshop on my work computer, but I don't get how it's true.

Can someone explain?
Yeah it's true... go into like microsoft paint if you don't have image editing on that computer and then click and drag the eye dropper over B and then over A they will both me color # 177 i think.
Color A: (In HTML:#666666)

Color B: (In HTML:#666666)

Also, try copying and pasting a bit from A, and move it ontop of B. Very freaky.
Originally posted by racketboy@Oct. 10 2002, 3:48 pm

what the freak!?

Still not as freaky as the shadow thing.

I'm still shaking from that one.

If you look at it sorta crooked or unfocused, you can see that they're the same. At least I can, sometimes anyway. But looking straight on, yeah, that's messed up. Our eyes (at least our visual perception anyway) have some major flaws you think they'd have caught in the early stages of testing. Maybe God will fix it in a later version :

That second one is really cool though
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Oct. 10 2002, 1:54 pm

I'm guessing they are because of the shadow?

Am i correct?

Actually, this isn't so hard if you change the color of the letter. I think that's part of what messes it up. I've seen similar things like this using different shades of color.


to get it to work, click it, and in the new window, go into the address bar, hold Ctrl+C to copy, and chop off all but geocities.com

press enter

after that page loads, in the Address bar, hold ctrl-v and paste the jpg link in there. press enter. it works.

it's basically working around geocities denial of Hot links.

look at this:


Say the Color, not the word. or at least, try
Good 'ol Stroop Effect
Normally you'd run that experiement with a list color words in the actual color, and a list of neutral words in the same colors. Fun stuff.
those are so freakin' freaky!!!!

I've tried that word/color thing before. It's a good laugh to have your friends try it.
Is it moving or shimmering?


Look at this illusion for a while and it will

appear to be shimmering and moving.

Also: Follow the outermost groove and watch it

change from a groove to a hump as you go around the wheel.