Painting your systems.....

Pearl Jammzz

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Hey, I am thinking of taking apart my ugly xbox and painting it. I need to know what typr of primer and shit I should use. What type of paint will go on evenly and will shine. I need paint that will last and look professional too, no runs, blotches, thick/thin spots, etc. So u have any info at all about the subject then tell us here. If u have pics of the jobs you have done post them here too.
I can tell you NOT to use ceramic paint. It chips easily, and becomes very sticky. I painted my saturn lightgun wwith the stuff
Ummmm, well I am thinking of doing white base with a metalic ice blue sumthin or other.

one more questuon: u know that ugly circular XBox logo. Anyone know of a way I could get that out and put a Linuz penguin in it?
yes i do. You could just get some tin snips and cut around it leaving an exposed hole in the xbox and just measure the hole an replacwe logo.
> Tux kthx
Well, back to the topic at hand......I need sum tip on what to use and how to get the best results from my XBox painting. I know some of you have had to paint your systems before. what's your experiences with them? Share share share! and after I do it and perfect it (will prob take 3-4 tries of dif stuff) then I am gunna make a FAQ and put it here on SX. I know tonz of ppl wouldn't mind painint up their old-school and new-school consoles.
I don't think anyone has ever "HAD" to paint their console.

I think it's more along the lines of "they wanted to" or "they thought it would be cool" to paint it.
Get some of that green rubberized paint. The kind that they have on some wrench tool handles. you can get it at Home Depot or Lowe's.

A rubberized Xbox....
now see if you used ME its your own damned fault i mean MS doesn't even support it. its desiegned for Win 2k Pro and Win 98. For the non Xp systems.

Oh and the Linux Penguin decked out in Quake 3 equipment is cool railgun forever.
The linux penguin is FAT. That's not cool at all.

I spraypainted my NES and a Guncon flat black... It came out okay, but the paint will tend to wear off.