Panzer Dragoon Saga on 4in1

Ok I don't actually need this because it works fine on my Saturn anyway, but I'm curious...

We all know PDS won't work with a 4in1 inserted right?

Well I remember reading on GameFAQ's about a PAR code that would allow it... anyine remember it? I wanna fiddle see
I think antime posted something about an AR code a while back.

Try using the search function and having a look.
I'll just post the code -

Master Code


F6000914 C305

B6002800 0000

And the following as the cheat code itself -

06002EB0 0009
Since most people are playing the game from copied discs, you can patch the disc image to remove the cart check and to make it multi-region. The patch (IPS format) can be found on my website.
Originally posted by Shakey Jake33@Jun 9, 2003 @ 02:20 AM

Ah but I'm using an original
I was lucky enough to get one on release.

Code works fine anyway

ive got the original as well (which will be buried with me

thanks a TON for the code.