Panzer Dragoon Saga on 4in1

Shakey Jake33

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Ok I don't actually need this because it works fine on my Saturn anyway, but I'm curious...

We all know PDS won't work with a 4in1 inserted right?

Well I remember reading on GameFAQ's about a PAR code that would allow it... anyine remember it? I wanna fiddle see

Shakey Jake33

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I'll just post the code -

Master Code


F6000914 C305

B6002800 0000

And the following as the cheat code itself -

06002EB0 0009


Extra Hard Mid Boss
Since most people are playing the game from copied discs, you can patch the disc image to remove the cart check and to make it multi-region. The patch (IPS format) can be found on my website.


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Originally posted by Shakey Jake33@Jun 9, 2003 @ 02:20 AM

Ah but I'm using an original
I was lucky enough to get one on release.

Code works fine anyway
ive got the original as well (which will be buried with me

thanks a TON for the code.