Panzer Saga Woes

Hey Guys. I've just finished disc three of the aforementioned gem, and wouldn't you know it? The game continually crashes at the very end.

To be more specific: After defeating the executioner boss in the tower and watching the host of cutscenes, i'm faced with a little 'to be continued' screen. The saturn stops loading and conveniently decides to enter the bios screen, so i don't get a chance to save in order to play disc four. ???

So what can i do? Bad burn? The game worked fine the whole way through. No errors. It's just at that one point.

If any of you guys can help out, i'd be more than grateful for the assistance.
I had this happen, I had to find and burn a different disc 3. I got mine off mIRC somewhere. The one that works is larger like 10mb IIRC.
so i need another disc three? What a bitch...Still, what can you do? :
: Download another one...