PCE Duo Card

The title says it all... I recently accquired the duo card and pce to turbo adapter from haukke (thanks haukke!). I just wanted to know if the duo card works with US turbo w/ cdrom attachment.

I haven't tested yet but just wondering if anyone knew about this.

Also does anyone have an extra System 3.0 card that they want to trade/sell?

If your talking about the Arcade Duo card, it most likely won't work correctly...They have a card designed for the non Duo machines that you would need to use. I believe it's called Arcade Pro.

I don't think the Duo card has the required system software to access the CD Drive. I could be wrong though. Anyone wanna verify this?
Yo Kyosuke75 you will need the 18 meg Arcade Card Pro for the origonal TG16 with CD Rom2 unit and you need the regular 16 meg Arcade Card for the Duo system as the Duo comes with the 2 meg super cd rom2 built in....Just buy the Arcade Card Pro for the TG16 CD Rom2 unit and the Arcade Card Pro has Super CD Rom2 card built in as well....so no need for the super system card if you own the Arcade Card Pro.
ok, you guys need some clarification! The Arcade cards were only released in Japan. That means if you want to play them on a US machine, you needed to use a converter OR you need a mod switch. How do you install a mod switch? You email me to find out how to get one, and then you check out my website.

But yes, for the add on unit you want an Arcade Card Pro, the regular card won't work on a non Duo.

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