Phantasy Star OFFLINE

any tips of killing that dragon (forest2) in offline mode?

im playing as a ... forgot the name now. the elf girl who is a FORCE.

anyway is there a strategy to killing it or do i jsut keep running around behind it attacking its feet for like 3 hours?
Yes, basically. Just level up like hell and hope you got some powerful spells by the time you reach him. I did it with the force guy, I don't remember his name either.
Run underneath his body and hit him in the head when he is breathing fire. Run like hell when he flies and keep moving so he doesn't fly into you. Don't step on the lava spots either.

He's not difficult to beat at all.
also when hes dived underground your best to try and run to the part where the doorway is

if you get the right place he will be unable to dammage you there

also id recommend you do all the missions you can first, and try maybe going through forect once or twice before hand to get some experiences/levels up/items (spells in particular)

once youve leveled up he is very easy to kill, also try using an ice based spell on him when hes on the ground, and a gun of some description when hes in the air
attack his head with a handgunw hen he's walking, or use barta on his feet, usually gabarta would work. when he falls, use saber on his head. when he goes underground, run. also use shifta and deband, and if ur mag is ready, use a super on him.