playing backups and imports...

Hi again,

I'm about to buy a used European Saturn in which I'm hoping to install a mod board. I want to be able to play all originals (eu/usa/jp) and all backups, and I don't want to "swap" disc to play. Will I be able to do so? Does the machine have to be of a certain kind (read something about "21-pin")? Do I need something else besides the mod board? (action replay, ram-cart)? I'm feeling a bit lost, and would appreciate any help I can get... ???
Buying a 5 in 1 cart it´s a good idea:

Action replay

Code country


Backup ram

PC conection

and the mod. If you have a model 2 saturn, probably it´s a 21 pin machine. You can check how to install the mod here: -- Saturn section

or try the new modding system exposed in forums.

There are Saturn FAQs somewhere... you should check them... use Google to find the documents.
A 5 in 1 cart and performing the 'swap trick' will let you play backups and imports.

Info on the swap trick can be found here.
Ok, thanks a bunch!
I think I'll just get a mod board then...
The swap trick does get easy once you get the hang of it.; it's nowhere near as outlandish as the PS1 swap trick. However, a mod board is ALWAYS a good idea because slamming those discs around can't be very good for your Saturn or your CD-Rs. While you're waiting for that 5-in-one cart and modchip to arrive from Lik-Sang, you can also use the "Satconv" utility to make foreign ISOs friendly to your region.