Playing translations with PAR/PCComms (not CDR)

I've looked everywhere and haven't found any info on this, so first let me apologize in advance if this topic is old and stale.

Anyway, I am pretty excited about all of the translations appearing, but I don't have a modchip. I do have a PC Comms board, a Pro Action Replay, and ssfexe. Can I run the translated Ninpen Man Maru or Langrisser with this set-up? If so, what would the correct address be (I have no sense of the Saturn's memory mapping)?
no, there's no way. it's impossible as it needs to load the files off the cd, you can't just send the file through comms link.. cause it would have to stay in saturn's memory, and you wouldn't have RAM left to run the game in then.
Actually you can... But it's a bit of a pain(at least in Langrisser III's case) because you have to re-upload the file(fnt_sys.bin) containing text basically every scene change. The font(font.bin) you just have to upload once.

fnt_sys.bin is stored at 0x00246000

font.bin is stored at 0x00288000

sys_win.bin - don't even bother, it's too much of a pain.

Oh, the other problem may be that the text pointers are cached elsewhere in memory.(just look for something that resembles what's stored in 124 bytes of the original fnt_sys.bin) I never did look up where they were, so you'll have to find out on your own.

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