Post a picture

To get attention away from the dreaded ### Section topic, here is a fun game which will hopefully encourage a community spirit. It could also be a way of finding out what other people think when they see your name by a post.

I will post a pic of what image a member here conjours up in my mind. The first person to guess it will then post a pic of another member and so on.

Only post things which won't offend too much and keep it in good spirit.

So here is the first:


Like I said, this one is really easy

[note] Remember to wait till the poster of the pic confirms you as being correct before posting a new pic.
ill just say who nadius i always thought his avatar was missing that, but hes changed that now -- i gues that was a bad one --i thought it was obvious ill come up with something better next time ( his avatar now reminds me of european film covers or posters)

someone else go