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Celica Chen??
Damn, I must have missed it when she had her photo up.
I wonder if anyone still has the links to peoples pictures still. Maybe SX could have a page with the Guys and Gals of SX.
Originally posted by Cynnamin@Sep. 01 2002, 5:52 pm

... and the whole time I've been expecting a picture of a female dog.

lol, I was going to have a prostitute + cinamin picture but thought that rather more mean that funny, so i just went with the cinamin. Your turn.
Originally posted by Cynnamin@Sep. 01 2002, 7:56 pm

On that note, I'll pass.

It's really nice to see what people think of me.

Ahh, it's just a cruel joke, we know nothing about each other, but if you give up your turn, someone else take it.