problem prevention 64 pin mod

When modding 64 pin saturn you know how the chip goes in backwards? The ribbon going over the modboard seems to put strain on the board itself. I relocated the twist in the ribbon to a better spot but it is still putting stress on the board.

I'm sure this is fine for now but over the long haul I can see this causing problems, and any problems caused would be something I couldn't fix. Has anybody with a mod like this done anything to counteract it. Maybe I'm paranoid but it did take me like 20 minutes just to solder the damn power wire to the power supply which shows how inept I am at this...

Well, back to panzer dragoon. I need to pick up a new battery so I can play Mr. Bones again. :smokin:


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I don't know...

I modded ajnin's 64 pin Saturn quite some time ago and I used the cable that was in the Saturn, but I can't remember what it was I did differently. Haven't heard from him lately either. :huh

You could always ask slinga as it seems that he's just had a 64 pin Saturn modded recently.


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I think when I did a 64pin the cable was just long enough, but I can't exactly remember. like I recall it being a real tight fit.


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Originally posted by Scared0o0Rabbit@Sep 3, 2003 @ 06:02 AM

I recall it being a real tight fit.


But yet it didn't stop the Saturn from working...
Yea, tight fit but everything works fine. This being the first time I've touched anything like this I guess I just expected everything to be more fragile than it really was. i.e. touch it and it will never work again.