Problem with 4-in-1 or game?

When playing Samurai Shodown IV with my Ultra Madness Replay Pro (Action Replay 4M Plus in sheeps clothing) the character shadows and life bars are flickering. Is this normal for this game?

Also, does anyone else have problems with their 4-in-1 seating right? If I put mine in all of the way it doesn't work but if I pull it up slightly about a millimeter, it works fine.

Anyways, thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.
Nimoy, I have the same problem with the cart I use for imports (64 meg cart). I can't seam to put it all the way down or it doesn't work, gotta bring it up a bit in the slot for my saturn to recognize it. It might be something wrong with the designe, or maybe your contacts in the cart slot are becoming corroded (like mine, #### floridas humidity). I have a second saturn thats in great condition that I should try it out and find out if its the Saturn I use or not. Ill tell you what I find out.
hmm.. sure that only happens with a cart? on neogeo, the original game's life bar and shadow flicker very fast to create an effect of transparency.
Oops, my bad.

I was thinking about the occaisional graphical corruption bug. Sorry.
ive seen this on my copy, my guess is that the game will only work on a proper 1 meg cart, cause i used an official sega 4 meg cart and it was all fucked up, but my friends 5-in-1 PAR works fine with it