Problem with GENS

somebody help please.

i have cadillacs and dinosaurs, and revenge of the ninja in the format iso + mp3, and i cant play it, i dont know why, the mp3 files are correct and the iso too,

i rename the mp3 (cadillacs.iso, cadillacs 02.mp3) like the readme file says and i dont know whats wrong.


nothing happends, in cadillacs and dinosaurs, the game frezze on the sonic SEGA logo, and in revenge of the ninja the game frezze after the sonic SEGA logo, i dont know why, and when i play snatcher it came perfectly all the game.

i dont play directly from the cd, i loaded from a iso + mp3
Maybe if you rename like this: cadillac01.iso, cadillac02.mp3 etc. My lunar was freezing to then i renamed it like this and now its working...