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Galstaff, Iceman2k is your god?

lol... I wonder what your daily sacrifice ritual you perform for him to keep him happy and cold.... k that didn't make any sense.
cool dude! You surf! ;) I REALLY wanna try that sometime!!! I'm learning all the board sports right now :) I learned skateboarding (can to pop shuvits, ollies and heelflips now!) and snowboarding (nuttin' fancy... just started learning how to slip slide on my heel and toe edge... btw, my instructor tells me I've picked it up really fast [prolly due to skateboarding experience]... In one day I was able to master all the basic skills. In a few more sessions I'll be able to carve up some artificial powder!)

Where do you go to Hang Ten (oldschool style) :) What kind of tricks can you do on a surfboard? ( I know there's this "toes to nose" trick that got ported to the skateboarding scene back in the 70's or so... EZ trick to do ;)
Stop talking skank or no more pellets!